1. What is the difference between Clayton Fear Farm daytime activities and Clayton Fear Farm nighttime activities?
    Daytime activities are NOT haunted. Clayton Fear Farm nighttime is a haunted scream park. Daytimes activities are for Families or those seeking fall events without the worries of being scared.
  2. What should I wear?
    Dress comfortable
  3. Can I take pictures?
    You can take pictures at any attraction with the exception of our 3D house.
  4. Can I bring my children?
    Yes, Clayton Fear Farm Daytime strongly encourage families to come out and enjoy our non-haunted daytime activities.
  5. Is Parking Free?
    Yes, Parking is Free.
  6. What is your policy on weather?
    Clayton Fear Farm Daytime is open weather permitting. If the weather is questionable on the day you want to visit Clayton Fear Farm please call 919-553-0016. If you have purchased a ticket and bad weather (including rain) forces Clayton Fear Farm to close your ticket is valid and can be used on any remaining day that Clayton Fear Farm Daytime is open for daytime activities.
  7. I lost my personal belong(s) during an attraction when can I get it back?
    If your phone, camera, keys, wallet or etc. are lost then you will not be able get your belong(s) back until the following business day if they are found. We encourage all customers to leave items in the car because we cannot stop our show to look for lost items. Clayton Fear Farm is not responsible for lost or stolen items.
  8. How long does it take to do all events?
    Please allow up to 2 to 3 hours to do all events. Times will vary depending on your activity and group size.
  9. Where is the closest ATM?
    We now offer an ATM onsite.
  10. Do you have a concession stand?
  11. I want to purchase an all attraction ticket for my family; can we purchase one ticket and share?
    Ticket sharing in not allowed. Each person must purchase a ticket prior to entering any attraction.
  12. Where can I purchase my ticket to Clayton Fear Farm ?
    You my purchase your tickets online or at Clayton Fear Farm ticket booth located at 1620 Loop Road Clayton, NC 27527. We have a working ATM onsite for your convenience.
  13. When does your ticket booth close?
    The ticket booth will close 1 hour prior to park closing. Ticket booth closes at 4:00pm and park will close at 5:00pm
  14. I would like to arrange for my preschool class or my class to come visit the farm is that possible?
    Yes, Please call 919-553-0016 and we can schedule your visit to the farm.
  15. Does Boyette Farms offer any other events?
    Yes, we offer:

    Please refer to our links to find more information or call 919-553-0016.